After establishing ourselves as experts in mold-making for plastic injection in the early 70s, we moved on to manufacturing our own line of specialty-hand tools. We believe there is room for innovative solutions to both old and new problems. This is how we discovered and met the challenge of designing and manufacturing specialized tools. We listen to the professionals in what they need and create the perfect tool to make the job easier.


Developed and made in Canada by H.T.Mould Inc. with German engineering technology. Since its debut in 1982, it has been the industry leader in tube-cutters. Cheap imitations will not stand up to our quality or the test of time.


This line of sanding or polishing drums are designed to conform to your projects shape because of the rubber’s softness and flexibility. It helps you sculpt, restore, smooth, polish, buff and finish rough surfaces of wood, glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, melamine, aroborite and many other type of surfaces.


The new ratchet Dienut Tap & Die Kit is made to cut and renew threads on bolts and tap holes in tight spaces. ( 1-1/8″ radius) It has a reversible swivel switch to quickly change directions.